April 6-7, 2017 | Lincoln, Nebraska
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Day 1, April 6th
7:30 am Conference materials pick up and continental breakfast

8:15 am Welcome: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie L. Green

8:30-9:10 am Plenary Talk: Challenges facing crop production and potential solutions
Pat Schnable, Iowa State University

9:10 am - Noon GENETICS & GENOMICS (Chair: David Hyten, UNL)

9:15-9:55 am Underground signaling networks
Phil Benfey, Duke University

9:55-10:10 am Break

10:10-10:40 am Genome-environment associations in sorghum landraces predict adaptive traits
Geoff Morris, Kansas State University

10:45-11:15 am Understanding variation that persists in the genome of elite maize inbred lines
Candice Hirsch, University of Minnesota

11:20-11:50 am Transgene mediated epimutagenesis leads to heritable phenotypic variation
Robert Schmitz, University of Georgia

11:50 am -1 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:00-2:55 pm ENGINEERING & COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY (Chair: James Schnable, UNL)

 1:05-1:45 pm Digital agriculture today and tomorrow
Calden Carroll Stimpson, Climate Corp.

1:50-2:20 pm High throughput plant phenotyping in greenhouse and field: toward translational research from gene discovery to crop improvement
Yufeng Ge, UNL

2:25-2:55 pm Deep learning for high-throughput phelotyping of 'complex' traits in wheat
Jesse Poland, Kansas State University

3:00-3:20 pm Break

3:20-4:50 pm AGRICULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Chair: Sally Mackenzie, UNL)

3:20-3:45 pm Contemplating commercial implications of plant epigenetics research
Sally Mackenzie, UNL

3:50-4:50 pm Panel discussion on Agricultural Entrepreneurship

5:00-6:45 pmPoster session and reception

Day 2, April 7th

7:30 am Conference materials pick up and continental breakfast

8:15-11:35 am SYSTEMS & SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY I (Chair: Senthil Subramanian, South Dakota State University)

8:20-9:00 am  Precise engineering of plant genomes
Daniel Voytas, University of Minnesota

9:05-9:35 am Applying RNA synthetic biology to study plant-microbe interactions
Ming Chen Hammond, University of California, Berkeley

9:40-10:10 am Plant metabolic models: from model building to ‘omics’ data integration and answering important biological questions
Rajib Saha, UNL

10:10-10:30 am Break

10:30-11:00 am Integrated metabolomics for deciphering metabolic pathways and emerging solutions for addressing the grand challenges of metabolomics
Lloyd Sumner, University of Missouri

11:05-11:35 am Linking lipidomics and genetics for crop improvement
Ruth Welti, Kansas State University

11:45am -12:45 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session

12:50-2:45 pm SYSTEMS & SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY II (Chair: Ed Cahoon, UNL)

12:55-1:35 pm Advanced fuels from advanced plants
Jay Keasling, University of California, Berkeley

1:40-2:10 pm Application of high-resolution, functional genomic methods to study soybean root traits
Gary Stacey, University of Missouri

2:15-2:45 pm Developing integrated products to improve crop performance, efficacy, and durability
Wendy Pline-Srnic, Dupont Pioneer

2:45-3:00 pm Break

3:00-4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Future of biotechnology for crop improvement, Chair: Jim Alfano, UNL

4:05-4:45 pm Plenary Talk: What can plant metabolic engineering do for human health?
Cathie Martin, University of East Anglia (England)

4:45 pm Wrap-up & optional tour: phenotyping greenhouses at Nebraska Innovation Campus