April 6-7, 2017 | Lincoln, Nebraska
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2017 NRIC speakers
portrait of Ruth Welti


Dr. Ruth Welti
Kansas State University
Linking lipidomics and genetics for crop improvement
11:05 - 11:35am, Friday 7 April 2017
A goal of lipid analysis by mass spectrometry is to link variations in plant lipid levels with natural or induced genetic variation, thus identifying genes encoding catalytic or regulatory proteins underlying the lipid variation. Welti will describe lipidomic analyses and their applications to identify the genetic and biochemical basis for alterations in lipids involved in plant responses to abiotic stresses.
Ruth Welti obtained her BS from the University of Connecticut and her PhD from Washington University in St. Louis. She is a long-time lipid biochemist who assumed the role of plant biologist at the turn of the century. She currently serves as director of the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center and is a university distinguished professor and Lillian J. Brychta professor of biology at Kansas State University. Dr. Welti has been instrumental in developing mass spectrometry-based lipid analysis for the plant community.