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2024 Conference

Diamond Quantum Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities


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Nebraska EQUATE invites its participants and partners to learn and network to advance quantum science innovation

The 2024 Nebraska Research and Innovation Conference -- Diamond Quantum Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities -- will take place Thursday, March 14, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Lincoln.  This all-day meeting includes invited speakers and poster sessions with student and post-doctoral researchers from Nebraska' EQUATE project. The cost to attend this event is free, however pre-registration is required: NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 1.

Annual NRIC events are conducted by Nebraska EPSCoR with funding via NSF OIA-2044049 (Nebraska's Emergent QUAntum materials and TEchnologies "EQUATE" research collaboration). 

Registration closes early March!

Agenda Highlights


Learn from technology commercialization organizations and colleagues who share their experiences.


EQUATE faculty, students, and postdocs network and present their research with the project.

Meet the Partners in this Event

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Reproduced with permission from the journal Advanced Optical Materials*

This image--from a collaboration by Mohammadjavad Dowran, Andrew Butler, Suvechhya Lamichhane, Adam Erickson, Ufuk Kilic, Sy-Hwang Liou, Christos Argyropoulos, and Abdelghani Laraoui--depicts Plasmon Enhanced Quantum Properties of Single Photon Emitters with Hybrid Hexagonal Boron Nitride Silver Nanocube Systems and was produced with funding via Nebraska's NSF-funded EQUATE project, OIA-2044049.


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